Thursday, January 1, 2009

Table Beer

I mentioned in my post on the red ale that I made a table beer from the second runnings off the mash. A 3% ABV beer ought to really test brewing skills, sanitation and all that.

As for recipe I collected 4 gallons of wort boiled with some Perle hops. Post boil I had 3 gallons of wort at 1.030 OG that fermented with White Labs 500 (a strain cultivated from Chimay). With little work to do the yeast settled out enough to bottle after 5 days. Final Gravity was 1.006. 3.1% ABV.

The resulting beer is similar to a watery Chimay Cinq Cents. The hops and yeast prickle the tongue with spiciness. There is also a touch of infection that has not increased in the three months since bottling.

Overall not a bad effort. Since most of my home brew is high gravity rocket fuel it is nice to have something light to reach for when I don't want to get knocked on my ass.

(PS. Can you name that coaster?)


Joe said...

Respect for the table beer! What does the bit of infection taste like? If it's just a bit of sourness, it could add to the refreshment value if you were lucky. In the old days the saison brewers would blend soured beer with young to make a more refreshing drink. Also to be frugal, I guess.

Is the coaster Mort Subite? It also looks like another fruity Belgian series whose name escapes me now, maybe Grisette.

Tim said...

Joe, the infection was a bit sour but not good sour. Mort Subite is correct. I often swipe a few coasters from interesting bars.